Sir James Dyson: UK has potential to capture a quarter of the global marine-energy market

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Sir James Dyson, Times columnist and founder of technology company Dyson today suggested that the UK has the potential to supply marine-energy solutions to as much as one quarter of the world, and export some of the country’s home-grown talent and engineering prowess in the process.

In his article in The Times, entitled Who’s Afraid of Big Energy Projects?
We Are, Dyson makes reference to the increasing number of internationally-sourced energy solutions appearing on our shores, and suggests that we need to step up our game in order to compete in this increasingly important environment.

French firm EDF will be building the next generation nuclear power plants on British soil while Scira Offshore Energy – a Norwegian-led operation – was responsible for the £1 billion windfarm, Sheringham Shoal, just off the coast of Norfolk.

According to The Carbon Trust, the UK is poised to take a significant chunk of the marine-energy pie, creating more than 68,000 jobs by 2050. And it’s projects like Anaconda that will help us get there.

Indeed, in his article, Dyson states that “Anaconda – giant rubber sea snakes that make energy from wave motion – [is] the kind of technology that we could export to the world.”

SourceThe Times 29th July 2011 (Subscribers only)