Cost Of Energy…

Independent analysis of Anaconda by the Carbon Trust suggests “it has the potential to deliver breakthrough reductions in the cost of wave energy” and that “it could represent the next generation of marine renewable energy”. Based on a study from the Carbon Trust Marine Energy Accelerator, the projected costs of Anaconda could represent a step change for the industry and a significant improvement over the best current marine renewable energy devices.

Cost Effectiveness…

Because of its novel concept and unique method of gathering sea energy from long ocean swells, Anaconda has a number of features that mean it has the potential to be very cost effective.

Cost of Energy


No new technology has ever been without challenges to its introduction. Anaconda breaks new ground in many ways, but it does not demand new science or materials. Nevertheless, it will be the largest rubber fabrication ever made.

With all renewable energy projects there is a political dimension surrounding development and particularly the will to accept and invest in large scale installations. Anaconda, by virtue of its cost effectiveness and low environmental impact, has the potential to transcend these issues thus ensuring its success.

The benefits of wave energy is its consistency. However, the problem holding back wave energy machines is that devices tend to deteriorate over time in the harsh marine environment. Anaconda is non mechanical: it is mainly rubber, a natural material with a natural resilience and very few moving parts to maintain.