The Anaconda Team at Checkmate Seaenergy

Paul Auston, Chairman

Paul started Checkmate’s manufacturing businesses, of which he is now Chairman. He has more than 27 years’ industrial and commercial experience.

Mark Prentice BSc, MIME, C Eng

Consultant to Checkmate Flexible Engineering Ltd, having recently retired from CFE and is now seconded to Checkmate Seaenergy, Mark brings an unrivalled knowledge of rubber fabrication and flexible structures to the Anaconda project. He also has vast experience in mechanical and structural design.

John FitzGerald, PhD– Chief Technology Officer – Energy and Marine Technology

John has over 15 years’ engineering experience in the energy and marine sectors. His experience spans applied research through to system integration at a major industrial OEM (Rolls-Royce) and innovation management in a major energy utility (ESB). John obtained an industrial PhD qualification at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. John applies this engineering experience to lead technology development, business innovation and the integration of novel systems into new products or services for large-scale industrial markets. His recent work concentrates on the assessment of emerging technologies that provide opportunities and challenges in the marine and energy sectors, including: enabling marine technologies; large-scale renewable generation; energy storage and customer-embedded energy solutions.

For the forthcoming next phase of development of the Anaconda technology, a sea-going prototype, CSL will add to the team a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to oversee the detailed design, manufacture and deployment of the device. CSL has identified a qualified COO with experience in project delivery in both the wave and tidal energy sectors through a range of organisations including academic research institutions, global engineering consultants and technology development and deployment companies. It is expected that the COO will be formally appointed to the team on initiation of the next phase of development by the company.