Shaping the future of wave energy

Anaconda uses an entirely novel concept to harvest wave energy - a distensible rubber tube anchored to the seabed that floats just beneath the surface.


The device is continually squeezed by passing sea waves. These waves form bulges in the water-filled tube and travel down its length developing the power to drive a turbine generator in the stern.

Utilising the UK and Eire’s largest wave testing facilities at Qinetiq’s Haslar Marine Technology Park, Flowave in Edinburgh, Strathclyde’s Kelvin Hydrodynamics tank in Glasgow and the Lir Ocean Energy tank in Cork Eire. The project team has been testing a scaled device as part of a programme of rigorous development.

Independent analysis of Anaconda by the Carbon Trust suggests “it has the potential to deliver breakthrough reductions in the cost of wave energy” and that “it could represent the next generation of marine renewable energy”.

James Dyson has stated that Anaconda is the “kind of technology that will change the way we power Britain”.

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